Server information


Strawberries is back!

31st October 2017

ND is closed again so we are back. As before, the address is

Server closed

1st May 2016

With the return of New Dawn, the server has lost its purpose and has been closed. Join ND at You can also check out my other server, AdrenalineX Racing. Thanks to everyone for all the fun we had.

- mooman

Beta complete

16th April 2016

After months of testing and the implementation and refinement of most necessary functions, the open beta period is now over. All this means is that we are confident the server is of a high enough standard to leave beta, not that we will stop adding features. More detailed news on updates is available on the forum.

Open beta

8th August 2015

The server has been launched in an incomplete state to help us find bugs and gather suggestions. For more information, click here or you can join the server now.


3rd August 2015

The server will be ready soon. Until then, check out this preview.

Website launched

30th July 2015

Welcome to the new Strawberries DM Racing website. Here you will find the latest news regarding the development of the server.